A letter to you

I desired to write to you.

I desired to write to you about Jesus, whom I have had the privilege to get to know, whom I believe on, and whom I follow.

I have already believed for many years and I have actively participated the life in the church – and I still believe, and I still am participating.

In the meetings of our church, I have heard what the Bible teaches about repentance, baptism, faith, and Jesus, and about following Him, and about eternity.

I have received a good life in this time and also eternal life from Jesus because I have had the desire to do what I have heard in the teachings of the Bible. Only Jesus can help a man in this life - and what is the most important, in the matters related to eternity.

I desired to write to you and let you know about these matters because Jesus loves you also and desires to save you (1. Tim. 2:1-4). He desires that you would also be allowed to go to Him in heaven, where everything is great forever.

I hope and pray that you would accept the salvation Jesus offers, and that you would repent, be saved, and that you would eventually be allowed to go to heaven.

Will you accept what Jesus offers you as a gift?

I wish you all the best!

Miika Koskela
May, 2020