Work in Rovaniemi

A small group of believers is gathering together at Rovaniemi. We have been gathering together regularly since the year 2006.

We gather together to study the Bible and pray weekly, and on Sundays, we hold Good News meetings at the center of Rovaniemi. Read more about our Bible studies here and about the Good News meetings here.

In addition to the weekly meetings, we also arrange other testimonial and evangelizing meetings and events in the region of Rovaniemi city, and we bring forth the gospel about the Lord Jesus Christ by, among other things, distributing evangelizing material and reading about spiritual matters.

We also spend time together outside of the meetings; we practice fellowship by, among other things, going out into nature and praying and studying the Bible there.

Tampereen Paikallisseurakunta is supporting the work at Rovaniemi by, among other things, praying and participating in the meetings and events at Rovaniemi whenever possible.

The purpose of the work at Rovaniemi is that an independent and local church will be born at Rovaniemi in due season. We are in fellowship with the Tampereen Paikallisseurakunta for the time being.

You are welcome to inquire boldly from us more about our meetings and events.

Pirkka Kyppö is responsible for the work at Rovaniemi and is the contact person there. Read the greetings from Pirkka and writings and personal testimonials about how believers at Rovaniemi believed here.

Inquire about the meetings and work: