The Lord healed me

Several years, more than a decade ago, I fell sick so severely that it limited my life strongly, and the situation was quite difficult. No solution to the problems in my body could be found despite the efforts of good health care in our country.

However, the Lord who created a man by forming him of the dust of the ground surely knows all the things and all the situations of a man He created and how those are solved. He is able to heal a man of any disease if it is in accordance with His good will.

After I became a member of the church, we prayed many times in our meetings that the Lord would reveal Himself in this situation. The Lord heard our prayers and revealed Himself by healing me. Now I have been free from all the symptoms, pain, and limitations brought by the disease for many years already.

Now, when the Lord has given me the health of my body, I desire to give my body as a "living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God" (Rom. 12:1) and serve Him diligently with a rejoicing heart.

Thank you, Lord, for healing me!

Miika Koskela
January, 2020